21>23 October 2016

World Tour London 2016

A true story

I perfectly remember the bearded guy sleeping on a gorgeous armchair in the corridor of the Normandy Hotel Deauville, in the late 2000 – I would say 2008 or 2009, but so many Omnivore festivals have been held since then.

It’s around 6 am after a very long last night of an equally very long, exhausting but beautiful edition of our culinary festival. The doors of the elevator just opened and I saw this guy who looks like a deeply asleep bearded kid dressed in a chefs’ jacket. After a few seconds of total astonishment – if he was a chef, he should currently be sleeping in the expensive but highly negotiated room booked for him – it appeared that he clearly was Nuno Mendes. An asleep, tired, probably a bit too drunk, but real Nuno Mendes.

I’m not writing this down to tease Nuno but rather to explain how valuable this kind of human is to Omnivore. As a true pioneer, Nuno has been experimenting by opening a gastropub – the revolutionary Bacchus in 2006 – in the unexpected Bethnal Green district of London and the very first and experimental issues of Omnivore in Normandy. This is why I’m so excited to welcome him again, this time in London, his city, after so many years of festivals, for this second issue of Omnivore at the Old Truman Brewery.

All these stories, all these moments, all these friendships are a true part of what makes the Omnivore Family. I’m sure all the chefs who kindly agreed to be involved in Omnivore this year will give as much energy as Nuno did, to Omnivore and its public. Like a never ending story.


Luc Dubanchet

Founder of Omnivore